Remembrance Day Jersey Auction

This year marked the 15th season the Rangers wore a commemorative jersey that paid tribute and honoured those who have been a part of the Canadian Forces.

The 2019 Commemorative Remembrance Day Jersey was inspired by 16 year-old Daniel Kreller. He wrote us with his idea to pay tribute to his great grandfather

“My great-grandfather was a medic in World War II and my thoughts were to have a medic symbol on the front of the jersey to mark his unit,” said Kreller.

During the First and Second World War, the Canadian Army Medical Corps (CAMC) played an essential role in keeping soldiers alive. More than half of all Canadian physicians served overseas during the first World War.

The badge of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps consists of the rod of Asclepius (a serpent entwined around a staff) surrounded by a wreath of maple leaves, surmounted by the Royal Crown, with the name “Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps” on a scroll below.

The front crest of the 2019 jersey features the rod of Asclepius over a maple leaf, while the left arm has a white stripe simulating a Red Cross arm band.

The colours used are close to those worn on the berets of the CAMC following Second World War. As always, a poppy is positioned over the left chest.

Rangers Reach is pleased to direct all proceeds from this year’s auction to the 78th Fraser Highlanders Fort Conestoga Garrison and the Kitchener-Waterloo Poppy Fund. Since inception, the commemorative jersey auction has raised $333,077 for its beneficiaries.

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