Our Approach

It is no small task to be entrusted to handle the community giving on behalf of the Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club.

Rangers Reach has launched with a focus on supporting the Waterloo Region community that continues to support the Kitchener Rangers. We want to grow our presence through philanthropy and outreach within our community.

Rangers Reach was built on best practices in sport and community philanthropy, with a made-in-Waterloo-Region approach.

With that in mind, we started with an independent, arm’s length Board of Directors with extensive, proven local involvement and experience. Going one step further, Rangers Reach then sought out experience at the Community level to staff the organization. We were fortunate to find a candidate with the flexibility, community experience and knowledge of the past history of the Kitchener Rangers that will prove invaluable in the role.

As we move forward, our Board of Directors and Executive Director will begin to develop guidelines, processes and procedures around how we will distribute grants/funds within our community. Grant committees at varying levels will be formed and will thoroughly and objectively examine all requests for funding.

Our goal is to have our complete grants process, criteria and qualifications available to the public by early 2021.

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