Retro T-Shirt Campaign Supports Clarky’s Kids

KITCHENER, ON – Since 1995, Rangers fans have been flooding the ice with bears during the annual Teddy Bear Toss game immediately following the Ranger’s first goal. Unfortunately, this year made that a near impossible feat.

What was possible though, in collaboration with the Kitchener Rangers, was to commemorate the team jersey worn during the first ever Teddy Bear Toss game in 1995. We put on our thinking caps as to how we could replace the community support generated from the Teddy Bear Toss. We came up with an idea and created a retro t-shirt with that era’s logo. The shirts were sold in the month of December and raised $3,050.00 to benefit Clarky’s Kids.

The funds will support Clarky’s Kids – a charitable initiative started by the Kitchener Rangers and alumnus David Clarkson – has been a big supporter of POGO’s financial assistance to family’s program since 2008.

The t-shirts were produced by Civilian Screen Printing through their and I Love KW Campaign helping local business and organizations during the pandemic.

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