Front-line Worker Claims Big 50/50 Jackpot!

KITCHENER, ON – All it took was for one phone call to get Deanna Carney from Baden really excited. Carney, a front-line worker at St. Mary’s General Hospital claimed the $34,598.00 Jackpot in the Rangers Reach Community Impact 50/50 Raffle in support of St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation. In the absense of hockey and in-venue 50/50 raffles, Rangers Reach has found a way to continue to support our community through the Community Impact 50/50 Raffle.

When she got the call from Rangers Reach saying there was some good news, let’s just say there were screams, a few of them! Deanna purchased her raffle ticket shortly after learning of her landing a new role in the Cardiac Cath Unit at St. Mary’s. “I purchased the ticket as part of my celebration of my new job”, said Carney. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, taking a trip wasn’t a viable option. Deanna and her husband Sean plan to pay off a new vehicle they recently purchased. “Treat our kids to maybe some new iPads, and I need some new patio furniture”, she said.

Carney knows how vital the work that is being done locally at St. Mary’s is. “I see how much of an impact (St Mary’s) has in cardiac care for this region.” She recognizes the importance of supporting St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation and particpates in many employee functions that raise funds.

The community is the real winner

In speaking to Foundation CEO, Susan Dusick following the draw, she was elated with how much momentum the Rangers Reach 50/50 Raffle gained in the community. “This partnership not only contributed financially, supporting the community’s access to cardiac care, but it keeps our brand in front of the community at a time when we really need everyone to stay engaged with health care on a number of fronts”, said Dusick.

Of course, the success of the Raffle would not have been possible if not for the support of all of our sponsors of the Community Impact 50/50 Raffle supporting St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation. Special thanks go out to our presenting sponsor, Arnold Hearing Centres for being a great community minded business and getting behind the raffle.

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