Canadian Blood Services benefits from Jake Saves

Rangers Reach makes $8,000 donation

During the 2019/20 regular season, Rangers goaltender Jacob Ingham and his family continued his Jake Saves campaign. The campaign provided a donation of $5 for every save he made during the season to help patients in need of blood. The Kitchener Rangers and Rangers Reach committed to matching that donation with another $5 for every save.

Canadian Blood Services

As a result, Rangers Reach is pleased to announce a donation of $8,000. This represents the matching portion of the campaign donation supporting Canadian Blood Services. These funds recognize the off-ice efforts of Rangers goaltender Jacob Ingham this season to help raise awareness and funds for blood donations through the “Jake Saves” initiative.

In addition to the Jake Saves campaign, Jacob also introduced the inaugural “68 Day Blood Drive”. This drive occurred from January 24th to March 31st, 2020. As a result, 44 additional blood donations towards Canadian Blood Services, including several first-time donors were achieved.

More information on Rangers Reach and what we’re all about can be found HERE

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