How can organizations apply for funding?

In early 2021 Rangers Reach will release our guidelines and process for organizations seeking funding.

When will you start funding?

Existing Kitchener Rangers club obligations will be administered by the fund effective immediately. The fund expects to start granting new funding in early 2021.

How much money will be available?

Details will be provided with the release of grant guidelines in early 2021.

Does this mean there will be more money granted to organizations?

Details will be provided with the release of grant guidelines in early 2021. Eventually we hope to be able to expand our philanthropic activities within our community.

What types of organizations/projects will be funded?

Full details of what types of organizations will qualify will be released in early 2021

Are there any types of things you won’t fund?

While final details are still being decided, we will not fund individual teams or club sponsorship, religious or political organizations or funding organizations that fund others


Why have the Rangers created a separate community fund? Why now?

The Rangers organization believes that it has an obligation to help build and support the community that has supported the Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club since 1963.  Over the years the Club has made numerous contributions to community groups, local minor hockey associations, supported events, fundraising programs and provided unique hockey experiences to members of our community. The organization cannot lose sight of its primary responsibility (the operation of an OHL franchise). The Club believes it is now the appropriate time to put in place a more formal process to manage our community giving and activities.

How much are you spending to set this fund up?

The Rangers Reach Board of Directors are volunteers and our set up costs were nominal to cover legal fees and incorporation costs.

What initiatives does it support?

Details will be provided with the release of grant guidelines in early 2021

How do you decide what organizations to support?

Our Board of Directors will be compiling a list of organization types that we will support using historical philanthropic activities by the Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club as a guide. As Rangers Reach grows, the Board intends to regularly review our guidelines and determine where changes may be required.

Where will the money come from?

Currently, most of our funding will be donated directly to the fund by the Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club for Rangers Reach to distribute from any annual operating surplus they may have.

Are you fundraising?

No. Rangers Reach will not be soliciting direct donations to the Fund. Funding comes from donations from the Kitchener Rangers and the programs that Rangers Reach will undertake and run

What role do the Rangers play?

The Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club and Rangers Reach have an agreement to provide access to the venue allowing us to raise funds through various events (eg. Remembrance Day Jersey Auction)

Is the fund run by the Kitchener Rangers Board of Directors?

No, Rangers Reach is operated by an independent volunteer Board of Directors and an Executive Director on staff

How can I get involved and help Rangers Reach?

You can subscribe to our mailing list to be notified as things happen or in early 2021 we will open up a volunteer interest form on the Rangers Reach website
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